We are a licensed lender in the Malaysian financial market, providing various loan services.

Our Loan Services


Personal Loan

Are you still worried about your daily living expenses? My child is unable to pay the tuition fees when he goes to school? Does the bank approve your personal loan? Let us help you put aside all these troubles, provide you with the lowest interest personal loan, and solve all kinds of financial problems in your life!

Business Loan

If you have valuables or assets to be charged, the process of getting your loan approved is much easier and faster. Our credit team do not need to do as much assessment on the applicant’s credit profile and repayment ability. As long as the market value is much higher than the loan amount they seek, the loan is guaranteed approval, and funds are quickly released to applicants.

✓Anyone can loan, blacklist, bankruptcy can also

✓ Low interest

✓Information confidentiality

☒No guarantor required

✓Loan amount up to RM500,000

✓Highly flexible repayment period

✓Quick review approval

☒No commission required



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